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Skill Development Center

India’s past glory stands tall on the diverse and abundance knowledge power its people had across subjects.

Today the same country has most of its youth unemployed or incompetent enough to be employable.

We believe that Education is a lifetime process and no knowledge is a waste of time and efforts. However, education makes one literate it does not necessarily make one industry ready.

Avasthita has set up a skill development center, enabling students from schools to graduates enhance hone and acquire new technical skills. We are in constant efforts of helping the under-privilege youth to hold on their own in this increasingly competitive world, thus having a skill set apart from University Degree gives them a definite edge.

Our aim is to enable the youth of the country to gain much needed expertise and adroitness in profusion of technical fields with the help of technical programs that are convenient and easy to understand. The center’s aim extends beyond mere securing a job for an individual, it looks forward to honing one’s skills to a level where there they can leverage the benefit for most of their lives.

Our Program

Awareness campaign

One of the major pushbacks to the remote rural areas and villages is the lack of awareness. Awareness about hygiene, schemes for farmers, education, medical facilities and pretty much everything necessary and important.

Some might argue that with growing digital/ social media awareness is not much of an issue and information about pretty much everything is only a touch away but at the same time they conveniently forget that the digital penetration in India is only 35% of its population that creates a massive vacuum of lack of awareness among majority of the population of our country.

We believe that awareness is the first step towards change. With the same goal in mind we have been hosting a lot of awareness campaigns which serve as platforms to build involvement amongst the members of society.

We target generic issues that people face in their day to day lives like sanitation, clean drinking water, healthcare and education ever. Addressing these at rural and remote level automatically will upgrade the lifestyle of people and provide them with the visibility of opportunities blindfolded by such difficulties.

Our campaigns are directed towards informing, educating and involving the public to create a support system to address the issues we target. We believe that an informed, educated and aware society is a self-sustainable and progressive vessel sailing towards the path of prosperity.

Our Program

Medical camps in villages

Despite the fast food, pollution and stress induced lifestyles of the cities and urban areas, villages and rural areas with laid back, low stress and pollution levels have high mortality rate in comparison.

In the middle of the last century mortality rate was 27.4 per 1000 persons, back to 21st century it stands to 8.5 per 1000 persons. This fact destroys the common notion that our earlier generations were healthier than us. There is a reason behind this phenomenon – medical facilities.

Villages and rural areas in our country are often devoid of proper medical facilities and it is a must for any foundational institution to support conducting medical camps in villages and rural areas in order to improve the quality of life within such marginalized groups.

Our priority has always been about delivering healthcare to the under-privileged and marginalized communities and one of the ways by which we make this happen this is by holding medical camps in villages. Proficient medical experts join us to ensure good health care for everyone. These camps are held to treat and prevent diseases that can be fatal to the overall quality of life of an individual and the community as whole.

We have doctors from various medical fields- neurology, dentistry, cardiology and such, joining hands with us in the medical camps and ensure that every aspect of healthcare is taken care of.

Our Program

Toilets Construction in Villages

Imagine your bladder is full and on the verge of bursting, you need to flush out your fluids or want to defecate badly you look around and find no washroom/ toilet in the vicinity on top of that you are a LADY. Utterly difficult and embarrassing! City or village this is equally bad for every woman with lack of sanitation facilities for them.

However, our cities have many public places upgraded and updated with sanitation facilities aka toilets and almost every home has a toilet attached. Villages however are different stories altogether. In a time and age where our government is promoting “Swatch Bharat” ensuring proper sanitation facilities for all is not only a priority for the government but also a social responsibility for all of us.

Our commitment to provide good sanitation facilities to the villages of India is with a view to improve the living conditions of rural India. We constantly engage ourselves in various sanitation programs for construction of Safe Sanitation facilities in the villages to prevent diseases from arising and promote hygiene and cleanliness. This is directly in sync with medical campaigns we host across villages.

Dignity of our women is safeguarded by this initiative along with inculcating healthy habits in young minds.

Our Program

Water Plant Constructions

While 71% of the earth is covered with water and less than 1% of the same is drinkable. It is but obvious that we need to preserve this water and use it optimally.

Water is the lifeline of living and access to clean and safe drinking water is the right of every individual. Water is essential for a healthy body and mind and access to safe drinking water is one of the primary drivers of public health. While in a country like India, although we have many prominent rivers we have much more population to cater to.

Providing safe, clean and adequate drinking water to the rural and village populace has always been our priority.Abundance of diseases arise due to of the deficiency of water or because of water being contaminated.

We have been continuously involved in constructing water plants to ensure that maximum people have access to adequate and safe drinking water as we believe this is indispensable in building a society where everyone has access to the essentialities of life.

Access to clean water is also an indicator of development and growth in a nation and hence it is one of our major concern areas.This initiative of ours is supporting our other project- Technical Skill Development, many jobs are created and ample number of youth is helped with employment.

Our Program

Feed the Orphans

While India is considered to be the youngest country in the world and is looked-up to its intelligent and talented youth as leaders of tomorrow. At the same time millions of children in India die out of hunger each day.

Food laced with necessary nutrition are the building blocks of the young ones’ bodies and brains. If we are envisioning children to be tomorrow’s leaders we have to make sure their nutrition values and needs are full filled in order to balance their physical and mental growth.

The World Bank estimates that India is one of the highest ranking countries in the world for the number of children suffering from malnutrition. Statistics reveal a shocking number of children in our country are tested with high rate of malnutrition. We desire to do our best to ensure no orphan sleeps hungry and so we try our best to ensure adequate, nutritious and fresh food reach these little ones.

While tons of food is wasted in occasions such as festivals, weddings and other such celebrations there is great vacuum in helping the needy and under-privilege people to have basic 3 time meal a day.

As Jeff Bridges puts it, "Poverty is a complex issue, but feeding a child isn't", we take pride in associating ourselves with this cause.

Our Program

Adopt a Child

The first hope for a child or a youth in an orphanage is a home with a loving family to live and grow with.

Every child deserves a home and a family. With family comes the shelter, proper nutrition, healthcare Parental love and care which a child clearly lacks in the orphanage. We have successfully been a part of a number of adoptions with the help of kind and generous supporters like you. As a result these children are now settled with access to not just the basic necessities but advance ones.

Adopting a child ensures that the child will lead a nourishing and wholesome life with mentors to share their life experiences and support them in their trying times.

We have seen and do hope all these under-privilege children to grow up into responsible citizens and give back to the society all that they have received.

As rightly said by someone “There are no unwanted children. Just unfound families”.